What is the purpose of the 'Ready', 'Armed' and 'Trouble' indicators?
'Ready' indicator
- this will illuminate when all zones are secure
'Armed' indicator - this will illuminate when the system is armed
'Trouble' indicator - this will illuminate when there is a system trouble.
Please refer to your instruction manual for further details. 

My yellow trouble light is on, what does it mean?
Your yellow trouble light can come on for one of many different reasons. Your burglar alarm continuously monitors many trouble conditions, and once a trouble is found, the yellow light (or yellow triangle) will come on to alert you to a problem. Most times it is either a low battery, phone line trouble, or internal time & date is wrong.
To diagnose the problem at any keypad push: *2
If a 1 comes on, then it is a system low battery
If a 3 or 4 comes on, then it is a phone line problem
If a 7 comes on, then it is a wireless device low battery
If an 8 comes on, then you need to reset your time & date.
Push # to reset the keypad.
Call our office to talk to a technician and we will be able to help you resolve the trouble condition. 

How can I silence the trouble beep on the keypad?
Press the '#' key; however, the yellow light will remain on until the trouble condition is corrected.

What is a system low battery? Will my system still work if it is low? (Trouble 1)
All burglar alarm systems have a rechargeable back-up battery located in the main control panel (usually in your basement or utility closet). Under normal circumstances, the battery will last an average of 3-5 years. This battery will take over and power your alarm system in the event of a power failure. If the battery is reporting low, your system will still work; however, in the event of a power failure, your alarm may only work for minutes instead of hours. It is important that you replace the back-up battery as soon as possible. Call our office to arrange for a new battery. We can mail one to you, or for a service call fee, we can deliver and install it for you. This is considered routine owner maintenance and is not covered by any warranty. 

What is a device low battery? Will my system still work if it is low? (Trouble 7)
Wireless alarm devices on your doors, windows, motion detectors and remote key-fobs, have batteries inside each transmitter. Your alarm will work with a device low battery; however, the batteries should be changed as soon as possible, to insure that the devices will work in an emergency ! Call our office to talk to a technician and we will help you determine which device is low and what type of batteries to replace. This is considered routine owner maintenance and is not covered by any warranty. 

Why would I have trouble with my phone line and how do I fix it? (Trouble 3 or 4)
Certain model alarms will monitor your phone line. If your phone line is cut (by a burglar) or if your dial tone gets interrupted for ANY reason, your keypad trouble will blink and/or your siren will ring, alerting the burglar that your alarm is ringing. With all of the “New Technology” in phone services, this trouble has become more prevalent. Call our office to talk to a technician to determine whether or not you need a service call from us or from your phone company. 

How do I reset my time and date? (Trouble 8)
Your clock may be wrong due to day light savings time, or if you loose power for an extended period of time, the clock will sometimes default. To Reset the clock, at any keypad push: *6, Master Code, 1, Time, Date ##. The time is military time, the date is 6 digits. For example: *6,1234,1,1800,010109, ##. Master code is 1234, time is 6:00 p.m., date is 01/01/09 This will change the time at all keypads. 

What if I make a mistake while entering a code to arm or disarm?
Press the '#' key and enter your code again.

I am getting new phone service, do I need to call you?
YES!! Please call us as soon as you get new phone service. Your alarm calls our central station through your phone line, so any changes you make to your phone service can effect the operation of your alarm system. With so much new phone technology like VOIP, COMCAST, VONAGE, and FIOS, it is imperative that you call us so we can test in your alarm, preferably before the phone company leaves your premises. This way, if there is a problem, the phone company can fix it before they leave.

I am getting new doors or windows, what should I do?
Call us as soon as you know when your installation will be so we can schedule a service call. Make sure to tell your installer “NOT TO LOOSE THE WIRE” to the old door or window, so we can easily reconnect the alarm to your new doors or windows. If they loose the wire, the window or door will have to be re-wired and it can be costly.

How do I test my alarm?
Call us first! Provide us with your identification#, and we will be happy to assist you in testing your alarm. If you test without calling first, we may dispatch the police and that could result in a false alarm fine from your township.

How do I add or delete code numbers?
Instructions on adding and deleting code numbers can be found in your user manual. Each keypad is different. You can download the user manual from our web site home page. 

Why canʼt I arm my system?
You must have a green “ready” light (or check mark) in order to set your alarm. If you do not have a ready light, then most likely a zone is open. You must check your keypad to see what zone number is on or flashing, then shut that zone, and you should get a ready light. Remember that doors and windows may appear to be shut, but many times are not. Re-open and close the doors, and make sure the upper and lower windows are shut and locked. If you are still showing an open zone, call us for a service call

Can I still arm my system with an open zone?
Yes, it is called zone bypassing. Please refer to your user manual to bypass a zones(s), (you can download a manual from the user manuals tab above). You can call, 24 hours a day, and our technical staff can walk you through the process. Make sure to schedule a service call.

The chime on my doors stopped working.
Hold “Chime” button or the picture of a bell for 3 seconds (3-beeps-on/long beep-off)